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We pride ourselves in offering the new state-of-the-art premium Kavo dental chair. This impressive technologically-advanced chair offers optimal comfort for our patients of all shapes, sizes and ability levels. It is anatomically contoured with a unique backrest and special lumbar support. It features an adjustable headrest for greater patient comfort. It is fully adaptable for all patients, children and adults alike. It has a hydraulic lift system with tilt cylinders, presenting a smooth and quiet transition between different positions. It has a seamless and comfortable look and feel, putting our patients at ease, relaxed and in maximum comfort throughout their dental examination and procedures in our dental practice. It has easy access for our dentists to get in close, minimizing the need for repositioning. This chair was selected with our patients needs in mind.

We lead the industry with the use of intraoral cameras. These are tiny handheld wireless cameras our dentists use to magnify resolution, allowing our professional clinicians to see more details and to a greater acuity than the human eye, improving diagnosis. This technology also increases the comfort of the patients in our dental clinic, as these sensors are small and less cumbersome than regular film. These images can then be projected for each patient to actually see the same pictures the dentist sees. These can be used to allow greater communication between each dentist and patient.

Digital x-rays allow for instant analysis of our patient’s x-rays and facilitates printing and storage to easily allow comparisons and study of current or past images. It allows precise representations of teeth, gums and mouth for a thorough and accurate assessment and diagnosis. We can easily enlarge images for a more detailed view, sharing our pictures with our patients directly and helping them understand the current status of their oral health. The images are instantaneous, reducing waiting time for our patients and allowing the dentist to commence treatment or discuss the treatment plan. We can also print off images with a click of the mouse, for our patient’s records, a referring physician or an insurance company. These sensors offer increased comfort for our patients and need less retakes. It is more efficient and less expensive to operate, thus offering a significant cost savings for our patients.

Laser teeth-whitening provides immediate long-lasting results and is one of the most popular choices for teeth-whitening today. Completed in a single visit, this very effective method involves regular teeth cleaning, the application of a teeth whitening gel and laser light to achieve complete penetration of the gel through the enamel. Whiter teeth is often desirable to achieve the desired look of health and youthful vitality.

We are proud to be leaders in the use of technology in our dental practice.

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